Islamic State Fighter Neil Prakash Stripped Of Australian Citizenship

Neil Prakash, the Melbourne man suspected of being a recruiter for the Islamic State militant group, has been stripped of his Australian citizenship.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton confirmed the decision on Saturday, saying the government's first priority "is, and will always be, the safety and security of Australians".

Prakash is currently behind bars in Turkey, facing charges related to his affiliation with Islamic State.

However, the Australian government, which cancelled his passport in 2014, has sought to extradite him from Turkey to face a number of serious terrorism charges back home.

He has featured in a number of propaganda videos and was formally put on Australia's sanctions list three years ago.

The 27-year-old has been linked to at least two terror plots on Australian soil, including the Anzac Day plot to behead a Melbourne police officer.

Image: AAP

Prakash, who also reportedly holds Fijian citizenship through his father, has become the 12th dual national to be stripped of their Australian citizenship for actions contrary to their allegiance to Australia.

"Dual citizens who choose to be involved in terrorism forfeit the privileges of Australian citizenship and I remain committed to enforcing the legal provisions that remove them," Dutton said.

Islamic State has been listed as a terrorist organisation by Australia since May 2016.

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