VIDEO: Shark Swims Just Metres From Beachgoers At Byron Bay

A video uploaded to social media shows a shark swimming near the shore at Byron Bay's popular main beach.

The incredible footage, taken by Troy Eady was filmed on Boxing Day, a busy time for surf lifesavers, as Australians flocked to beaches.

The small shark was caught swimming in between the waves, with nearby tourists and local beachgoers appearing none-the-wiser to their new companion.

"Byron main beach Boxing Day patrol," Eady posted alongside the video.

"It will be fine they said, there is no waves what could go wrong".

Eady said the shark was "reasonable" in size and had come up via the inshore gutter into the flagged area.

"[I] walked with him across the bank between the backpackers and out of the flags and no one was the wiser."

The footage follows a series of shark attacks and sightings around the country as the weather heats up.

However, a recent study from researchers in Queensland found the number of sharks swimming along the state's coast had dropped by more than 90 percent in the past 50 years.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Troy Eady)