Opal Tower: Residents Relocated Indefinitely After Wall Collapse

The Opal Tower in Sydney's Olympic Park was evacuated on Monday after a wall on the tenth floor began to crack.

On Thursday afternoon, all residents were told they were being relocated to temporary accommodation.

The tower's developer, Icon Building Group, defended the evacuation as a "precautionary measure", and said the building was structurally sound, despite engineers continuing to work to find the problem.

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"Icon confirms the building is structurally sound and the temporary relocation is a precautionary measure to allow engineers to work around the clock to investigate and remopediate the site in the quickest time possible," it said in a statement.

"The damaged section of the building has now been reinforced as a precautionary measure while a team of engineers carries out the investigation. "

The process may take up to 10 days.

"Accommodation is being secured for all affected residents at nearby hotels and compensation will also be provided by Icon," the company said.

Tenth floor wall that crumbled. Image: Daily Telegraph

However, some residents have been left fuming and confused after being allowed to return to their apartments earlier in the week.

"Everyone is scared, because they said on the first night for people to move in, and now they said 'No everyone has to move out'," one resident told 10 News First.

"You can not be calm. It is a big deal."

A resident interrupts a press conference held by Icon director Julian Doyle.

A press conference held by Icon director Julian Doyle after the announcement was crashed by an angry resident, who demanded answers and "fair treatment".

"We asked back to come live, and now you ask us to move out for at least 10 days ," she said.

"The accommodation is terrible... compared to the apartments which we pay for.

"And nobody is going to be responsible for anything in our apartments, or give any compensation. Nobody mentioned anything."

Residents were initially evacuated from the Opal Tower on Monday evening after a loud "cracking noise" was heard as an interior wall crumbled.

Feature Image: Daily Telegraph/ AAP