Slithery Christmas Shock: Family Finds Snake In A Toilet Roll

Everybody loves a good Christmas present, but this is not the kind one family expected. 

Snake catchers were called to a home in Redlands, southeast of Brisbane, on Sunday evening after a family discovered a baby python hiding in their toilet roll holder.

The little snake had made its way inside the home and found itself a cozy spot in the roll's hole.

Elite Snake Catching Brisbane told the Brisbane Times that they remove as many as 12 snakes a day from homes at this time of year.

The snake was discovered coiled inside a toilet roll. Image: Facebook/ Elite Snake Catching Brisbane

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"Everywhere you think a snake could go they will end up," Elite Snake Catching Brisbane's Stewart Lalor said.

"If you have a snake, the best thing to do is not to panic; being bitten is extremely rare and they are only dangerous if you interact with them."

Pythons are the main species of snake catchers deal with around Brisbane, as well as eastern brown snakes -- the second most venomous snake in the world.

Lalor advised if people find a snake close to their properly to call a snake catcher immediately and try to avoid contact with the animal.

Featured Image: Facebook/ Elite Snake Catching Brisbane