How This Horror Police Car Crash Saved A Woman's Life

Exclusive: The heart-stopping moment a car crashed into a parked police vehicle at high speed has been captured on camera.

The video, obtained by 10 News First, shows the car crossing to the wrong side of the Pacific Highway at Grafton, before smashing straight into the front of the patrol car.

The Subaru was being driven by a woman who had two children as passengers.

The officer and all three occupants of the Subaru were injured and required treatment in hospital.

This Car Crash Saved A Woman's Life

Police believe the woman fell asleep before crashing the car just after 9am.

"We just shake our heads at this", NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Michael Corboy told 10 News First.

"I was absolutely horrified."

"There's no foot on the brake or anything. It just hits at full speed."

The police officer had been conducting high-visibility duties in the area on December 16. He had just unbuckled his seatbelt, and was leaning around into the back seat, when the car came barrelling straight towards him.

The car veered onto the wrong side of the road, narrowly avoiding colliding with a car passing in the opposite direction (10 News First)

"I believe he was unaware the car was coming because he was tending to other things in the car, so the first he knew about it would have been the hit," Assistant Commissioner Corboy said.

"It's a very confronting reminder for members of the community to see what can actually happen in real life, when fatigue does take over."

Police are awaiting the results of the driver's blood test results, but expect to charge her with negligent driving.

The aftermath of the crash (10 News First)

They also believe one of the children was not in an appropriate child seat.

Remarkably, investigators say it's fortunate the Subaru hit the police vehicle, and not a tree.

"If that wasn't a five star ANCAP rated police car, and it was a tree or a solid object, most likely (she) and the two children in the car would have been seriously injured or killed," Corboy said.

The Assistant Commissioner says the officer is yet to return to duty.

"We're just very lucky that he wasn't seriously injured," he added.