Australia To Swelter Through Christmas In First Day Of Heatwave

Put down the umbrellas and turn on the air conditioner, we're about to swelter through a heatwave.

Christmas Day will mark the first day of a severe heatwave across the southern parts of the country, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned.

Senior Meteorologist Tony Nguyen said warmer than usual weather is likely to extend into the weekend, ahead of New Years celebrations.

Nguyen said the severe heat wave conditions are likely to extend across south-east and central Western Australia right across to southern NSW and northern Victoria.

'During severe heat wave conditions we expect not only high daytime temperatures but that these warmer than usual temperatures will also extend into the evenings and overnight."

The heatwave is set to continue after a fortnight of wild weather across NSW, which saw the state battered by thunderstorms for 15 days in a row, while South Australia and Victoria also copped the brunt of a deep-low pressure system last week.

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In Queensland, the long-lasting effects of Cyclone Owen saw some areas receive 150 millimetres of rain in one day.

But the rain looks to be over, for now.

Heatwave Situation for Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday (3 days starting 23/12/2018). Image: Bureau of Meteorology

A heatwave is expected to move in over much of the country beginning on Monday, meaning most are set for a sweltering Christmas Day.

The heatwave will start in Western Australia, with some parts expected to experience "extreme" conditions on Sunday, the Bureau of Meteorology said.

"Low-intensity heatwave areas expected across much of the remainder of WA, northern parts of the Northern Territory and northwest Queensland," BOM said on its website.

Heatwave Situation for Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (3 days starting 24/12/2018). Image: Bureau of Meteorology

By Christmas Day on Tuesday, most of the country will be experiencing low to severe heatwave conditions.

Perth, the Queensland coast and most of Tasmania will escape the intense heat for most of the week.

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Heatwave Situation for Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday (3 days starting 24/12/2018). Image: Bureau of Meteorology

As the week goes on, severe heatwave conditions will develop across NSW by Friday.

"Low intensity to severe heatwave conditions extending from the northwest of the continent to the southeast," according to BOM.

"The severe heatwave conditions with localised areas of extreme extend into northern Victoria and southern NSW."

Heatwave Situation for Thursday, Friday, & Saturday (3 days starting 27/12/2018). Image: Bureau of Meteorology

The hot weather will begin to recede across Western Australia by Saturday, moving across to the east coast, with BOM warning areas of SA, NSW and Victoria will experience "extreme" conditions.

"Severe to extreme heatwave conditions developing across inland southern Australia from interior Western Australia, across South Australia, Victoria and NSW."

"Low-intensity heatwave extending from inland Queensland to Northern Territory, WA and Tasmania,"