Race Discrimination Complaints Almost Doubled In 2018

Complaints of racial discrimination made to Victoria's Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission have gone up nearly 90 percent in just one year.

The commission's latest annual report revealed a number of complaints and enquiries higher than any other time in recent years, including both racial and sex discrimination.

"We have seen a 20 per cent increase of complaints including, most noticeably, an 88 per cent increase in the number of complaints about race," commissioner Kristen Hilton wrote in the report.

"We've responded to incidents of racism in politics and the media, to explain its harmful consequences, and have continued our engagement with multicultural and multi-faith communities to raise public awareness of racial and religious discrimination protections through discussion forums, information sessions and training workshops."

There were 207 race complaints made in 2017-18, compared with the 110 made the previous year.

Nearly half of all these complaints were related to employment.

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Though the most dramatic increase may have been in race complaints, the largest number of submissions were made by those discriminated against because of disability -- of which 663 were made.

The commission also saw a 31 percent increase in complaints of sex discrimination and nearly a 20 percent increase in sexual harassment.

Hilton said the numbers reflected the outcomes of the #MeToo movement.

"We've joined the long overdue global conversation about sexual harassment, brought to light through the MeToo movement," Hilton wrote.

"It is encouraging to see a public debate to stamp out sexual harassment and change behaviours that enable it and allow it to go unreported."

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