Christmas Weather: It's Looking Like An Absolute Cracker

Santa, this Christmas weather might be your best gift of all.

Fingers crossed. Toes too. Christmas in all eight capital cities looks like delivering exactly the sort of warm-and-sunny but not-too-hot weather we've all been hoping for.

If forecasts hold, we're looking at a perfect day for a morning swim, a sizzling barbie lunch, an arvo hit of boozy backyard cricket followed by a long snooze under a shady tree while your relatives argue politics and children play themselves into a Fortnite frenzy which will destroy their mental faculties even more than the grown-ups arguing politics.

Good times!

Can anyone else smell carrot?

Let's briefly get a little technical here before we get to the forecasts.

There's going to be a large high-pressure system parked over eastern Australia. That's meteorological mumbo-jumbo for a weather system that generally brings fine weather.

It's very exciting and just how summer should be. Very summery areas.

Let's run through the capital cities.


Perfection. Just don't ruin the day trying to find a parking spot at Bondi beach.


For once the city that is always either 15 and Antarctic or 43 and hellish is going to be baby bear's porridge -- juuuust riiiight. Love you, Melbourne.


Bit of a rainy spell in Brissy in the days before Christmas, but it looks like it clears just in time. Sweet. Just don't forget the mozzie spray.


It's not often you can say Canberra is the pick of the Australian cities. On Christmas day, we think it will be.


A little on the hot side but nothing a South Australian can't handle. Bring it.


Oh, stop it. This is just too lovely. And to make things even better, the Freo Doctor should blow in later just when and you need a blast of cool air.


Not as warm as the 28 forecast for Christmas Eve, but as any Tasmanian knows, this could be so, so much worse.


Darwin is the only Aussie capital city where a storm is forecast, but look on the bright side: the rain hammering down on the tin roof will drown out Uncle Bill's tedious fishing stories.

A final word.

We know not all of you live in the capital cities. But such is the generally stable weather pattern across Australia that pretty much everywhere in between the capitals looks good.

So if bad weather hits where you are, we fear it may be a sign that you've been naughty, not nice.

Happy Christmas!

(L-R) Carol and Carol