Hero Truckie Saves Young Family From Horror Queensland Storm

As rain and strong winds lashed her car, Queensland mum Emily Clarke became gravely worried about the precious cargo in the back seat. 

She was travelling with her husband, their Dachshund and their 11-month-old baby girl through the dangerous weather conditions in north Queensland on Friday.

Clarke told the Brisbane Times she and her husband had already witnessed two cars roll over as they drove up the Bruce Highway about 100 kilometres north of Mackay.

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She said they had considered stopping their car, but worried sitting stationary in the harsh weather would put them in a more vulnerable position.

Footie helped the young family to safety. Image: Facebook/ Brendan Foote.

"The conditions on the road was very dangerous and I couldn't help but think that we could've easily been those cars that rolled over if it wasn't for 'Footie'," Clarke told the Brisbane Times.

Truck driver Brendan 'Footie' Foote from Victoria is the man Clarke said helped her young family through the storm to safety. She said he used his indicators and brake lights to guide their car down the dangerous and flooded road.

He would break regularly and use the left and right indicators to flag hazards on the side of the road.

"It was so bad that I could see only his brake lights at one point," Clarke wrote on Facebook.

"It was unsafe to stop so I committed and tucked in behind the truck and he guided me, braking frequently and putting his indicator on the side that there was an upcoming hazard."

The family followed Footie off one of the highway exits, where they got out of the car and met him briefly.

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Footie told the family he was happy to help and hoped that any other truckie would do the same.

"We know you have a job to do but we appreciate you," Clarke wrote.

Featured Image: Facebook. 

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