Man Allegedly Tries To Beat Breath Test By Downing Bottle Of Listerine

A man who allegedly sought to alter a roadside breath test accidentally returned a reading ten times the legal limit.

Officers pulled over the Sydney man just after 9.30pm on Friday night, after he allegedly sped past a marked police car on Campbelltown Road, Woodbine, south-west of Sydney.

The man in his 50s was then breath tested, returning what police called an "extraordinary" blood alcohol content (BAC) reading of 0.50 -- ten times above the legal 0.05 limit.

As it turned out, according to police, the man allegedly admitted to drinking a 250ml bottle of Listerine prior to the breath test in an attempt to alter the reading.

Some mouthwash brands can contain more than 25 percent alcohol.

Police discovered his attempt to influence the test after noticing he did not appear to be heavily affected by alcohol, and so questioned him on his recent activity.

The driver was found to have a P2 drivers licence disqualified until October 2019. He was charged with wilfully altering the concentration of alcohol; and driving while disqualified, second offence.

He will appear in Campbelltown Local Court on January 21.

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