Two Drivers Test Positive To Every Drug In Testing List: Police

Police have revealed that since cocaine testing for drivers was introduced in July in NSW, they have busted two drivers found to have every drug on the test list in their system.

"So that’s two drivers testing positive to cocaine, ecstasy, amphetamines and cannabis putting themselves and other road users at great risk" said NSW Police Chief Inspector Phil Brooks.

This disturbing revelation comes as police warn they will be increasing their presence on the roads, as well as the number of drug tests over the Christmas period, in a determined effort to prevent last year’s horror road toll.

Cocaine use in particular is potentially a much bigger problem that the figures reveal.

That is largely due to the fact that until this year, testing for cocaine was not possible.

Technology is now catching up and it won't be long before cocaine testing for drivers is widespread and rolled out nationally.

"We know that the Northern Territory also test for cocaine, certainly nationally this is something that needs to be addressed because the risks of driving when you've got cocaine in your system are very high," NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said.

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1200 lives have been lost on our roads nationally over the past 12 months with 30 percent of those deaths directly attributed to drugs and alcohol affected drivers.

We lead the world with that figure, but that's not at all something to be proud of.

"Research does tell us that Australia is having at least 30 percent of people that are sadly losing their lives courtesy of drug and drink driving," Brooks said.

"That compares much higher to other countries particularly in Europe such as in the Netherlands where it's nine percent."

Image: Facebook (NSW Police)

The fear is that drug driving could take over from drink driving as a bigger killer on our roads.

"We fought so hard to address drink driving we don't want to do it all over again when it comes to drug driving, so it’s important to give the police the support to stop this now," Khoury said.

And the police agree, warning they'll be throwing everything they can to catch drivers doing the wrong thing.

Chief Inspector Phil Brooks

Officers are also warning drivers to make sure they don't get behind the wheel the morning after a big night of Christmas partying.

Police and emergency service workers are passionate about lowering the road toll this Christmas because they see firsthand the impact road tragedy has on families.

The message is simple enjoy the Christmas cheer but if you drink or take drugs don’t get behind the wheel.

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Featured Image: Facebook (NSW Police)