Stomach-Turning Photo Of 'Brains' In KFC Chicken Goes Viral

Is this a Kentucky Fried Cerebrum? We can confirm it's not.

A woman in Sydney's west has had the misfortune of a little something extra in her KFC meal.

Sarah Palmer posted a disturbing photo on KFC's Facebook page last week, showing what she claimed was a gross bit of meat she found in her food.

Since then, the photo has had almost 15,000 comments and been shared more than 1000 times.

"Upon purchasing what I had hoped would be some finger lickin' good chicken from KFC Parramatta, I was horrified to find what looks like... brains," Palmer wrote.

"Imagine my horror, nausea and disappointment. I wish this didn't affect me as much as it does but this has put a real strain on my relationship with KFC."

Palmer has been more forgiving than most, even offering KFC the option to get their relationship back on track.

"Would love your thoughts on how you think we can patch up our relationship," she wrote.

While the mystery meat does looks brain-like, others were quick to point out that it's probably a bit too big to be a chicken's brain.

"Their brains aren’t that big, could be small intestine!" said one person.

"That's a kidney dopey it tastes pretty good if you're into that flavor but yeah just because you don't understand what you're looking at doesn't make it sinister," commented another.

KFC confirmed to 10 daily it was NOT brains, but admitted "mistakes" are made and some organs are left behind.

"We can confirm it's not brains, but rest-assured it’s not a health issue," a spokesperson said.

"Our chicken is hand-prepared and cooked fresh, but occasionally mistakes happen and organs are not removed when they should have been."

The fast food company also said they were trying to contact the customer, and we taking steps to remind workers to take extra care when preparing food.

For the record, this is a chicken's brain next to penny. Image:

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Many were horrified at the image, but some weren't so sympathetic.

"The shock when you eat a dead animal and you get more dead animal parts than what you paid for," said one person.

"How far we have come to not know what our food actually looks like on the inside, and how it can be eaten," said another.