Carry-On Crackdown On All Domestic Flights Starts This Week

Virgin Australia has joined Qantas in an industry-wide crackdown on over-sized baggage across all domestic flights.

From Monday passengers should expect to have their carry-on bags weighed at various points in their journey -- including at the check-in and the boarding gate --  to remind them that the seven-kilogram limit does in fact exist.

If your bag is heavier, it will need to be checked in.

Virgin Australia General Manager of Ground Operations Paul Woosnam said the crackdown aimed to improve safety and curb "more and more" flight delays.

"As an industry, we’re seeing many passengers trying to bring everything but the kitchen sink on domestic flights which is causing flight delays as well as safety issues for cabin crew, ground crew and passengers," he told 10 daily in a statement.

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Injuries arise from closing overhead lockers full of heavy baggage, shifting bags in overhead lockers to find extra space and helping passengers lift their bags into overhead compartments.

"This is preventable if all passengers adhered to the baggage limits and guidelines, and from the customers we’ve spoken to, we know they’re in favour of our renewed focus on cabin baggage," Woosnam said

The "refocus" is being supported by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

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Last week, QANTAS made a similar announcement, while carriers Tiger Air and Jetstar are already on board.

From next week there will be additional resources at airport terminals.

Read on for 10 daily's comprehensive breakdown across all airlines -- including how much you'll have to pay if you have to check in your carry-on.

Virgin Australia:

Virgin allows two pieces weighing up to a combined 7kg, plus one small personal item like a handbag or laptop.

Fares include checked baggage with the maximum depending on your destination and ticket type. If you have to check in your carry-on and it tips the total weight over the limit, you'll be charged.

Expect to pay $70 for the first additional piece at the airport -- it's about half that if you pre-purchase additional baggage online.


The same rules apply to carry-on limit and checked baggage.

If you exceed the check-in allowance, you'll have to pay $78 for the first extra piece on domestic flights.


Jetstar allows passengers to carry two pieces, weighing up to a combined 7kg.

For 3kg extra carry-on weight, nab a FlexiBiz bundle or cough up for Business Class to get 14kg. It’s cheapest to do this when you book your flight as the charges to do it at the airport are steep, starting at $30 at check-in or $60 at the gate.

Checked baggage isn't included in Jetstar fares, so if your carry-on does need to be checked in then you're looking at about $60 for up to 15kg, then $15 per kg after that.

Tiger Air:

Tiger Air allows two pieces, with a total combined weight of 7kgs.

If you're after a few more kgs add Cabin+ to your flight (least expensive when purchased at the time of booking) and boost your carry-on allowance to 12kg.

Remember that none of Tiger's fares includes checked baggage. If you're required to check in carry-on over 12kg you'll be faced with upwards of $75.

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