VIDEO: Dog Narrowly Escapes Traffic After Jumping Out Of Car Window

A Melbourne pooch is lucky to be alive after making a dash for it out of the family car.

While travelling through EastLink's Mullum Mullum Tunnel, the dog jumped through an open car window into three lanes of oncoming traffic last Sunday.

Three motorists managed to avoid the dog before its owner stopped his car and ran back to retrieve it -- luckily, completely unharmed.

The dog was avoided by three cars. Image: provided

EastLink hopes the footage will send a message about the necessary safety when travelling with our best buds.

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"Motorists with dogs need to ensure their windows are either closed or not open wide enough for their dog to jump through," an EastLink spokesperson told 10 daily in a statement.

"A much more serious incident was avoided by the patience and driving skills of the motorists in the tunnel at the time."