Wandering Sheep Shot On Perth Freeway

A sheep has been shot dead after it wandered onto train tracks in Perth, causing rail and traffic delays.

The incident on Kwinana Freeway on Wednesday was filmed by car occupants and train passengers, with one commuter commenting "tranquilliser, though".

City of Cockburn recreation and community safety manager Travis Moore said the sheep was humanely euthanised by a ranger after attempts to capture it over several hours.

"These proved to be unsuccessful, causing a number of delays to train services and danger to motorists and officers involved," Mr Moore said in an emailed statement.

"The agencies involved determined that euthanising the sheep via the use of a firearm was the most appropriate course of action, after it was observed to be in distress, further increasing the risk to public safety."

The council is trying to determine where the sheep came from.

Featured Image: 10 News First