Urgent Nanna's Family Apple Pie Recall After Glass Contamination Warning

A popular brand of apple pies is being recalled after the manufacturer warned of the "potential presence of glass".

The 600g version of the Nanna's Family Apple Pie product, sold by Patties Foods, is the subject of an urgent recall due to glass fears.

"Patties Foods has been notified by its apple supplier of the possible presence of industrial grade glass in Nanna's Family Apple Pie (600gm) due to the supplier’s equipment failure," the company said in a statement.

"Upon notification Patties Foods proactively and voluntarily withdrew the product from stores and begun a thorough investigation."

The Nanna's apple pies

The company advised that no glass had been found in any products so far, and no customers had complained, but that it would be conducting a recall to be safe.

Patties said the product batches in question had expiry dates between 21 and 22 October, 2020.

"For consumers who have a product matching this description in their home or workplace, Patties Foods advises it to be discarded. Any consumers concerned about their health should seek medical advice," the company said.

"Consumers who have purchased product matching this description can receive full refund by returning the product to any national supermarket."

"Consumers unable to go in-store can call or email Patties Foods customer service centre at 1800 650 069 or to be sent an in-store voucher."

For more information, see Patties' website.