How Ordering These 'Toys' Could Land You In Jail

Parents are being warned about ordering stocking fillers online this Christmas that pose a real risk to their child.

The Australian Border Force say they are intercepting a large number of imitation firearms and prohibited weapons that have been bought on the internet through websites marketing the items as toys.

"People are thinking they've got a cheap nice Christmas present but in reality they have a dangerous item that's prohibited, that will be stopped... so don't waste your money," Australian Border Force Acting Superintendent Neil Singh said.

10 News First spent a few hours with the Australian Border Force this week at their mail sorting facility in the Sydney suburb of Clyde.

Australian Border Force Officer Paul Bright display's one of the toy 'weapons' to 10 News First (Image: 10 News First)

It didn't take long before officers, using x-ray machines, found prohibited items -- including imitation firearms, BB guns, extendable batons, knuckle dusters that convert into sling shots, flick knives and laser pointers.

"Terrible idea for a Christmas present," Australian Border Force Senior Officer Paul Bright said.

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The sellers use bright colours and accessories such as bullseyes to make them look more child-friendly. But in reality they're dangerous.

"People do think they're bringing in toys but they do have to realise that if your firearm looks real, it can be perceived as real," Acting Superintendent Neil Singh said.

Among the haul was a very real extendable baton, usually used by security personnel (Image: 10 News First)

As we head towards Christmas there's normally an increase in the number of imitation weapons being pulled off the conveyor belt, but this year there's a lot more than usual.

"In a normal three month period we detect approximately 1200 prohibited firearm importations but in the last quarter that's jumped up to 3300," senior officer Paul Bright said.

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The penalties for bringing in such items can hurt.

"If you've brought in an imitation firearm or a BB gun (without the correct permit) you could face fines of up to $525,000, so it is a serious offence," Acting Superintendent Neil Singh said.

Border Force x-rays baggage coming in to the country (Image: 10 News First)

There's also the possibility of 10 years jail, or both a fine and prison time.

That's not a present anyone wants for Christmas.