'Look Out For Each Other': PM Urges Queenslanders Amid Heatwave Conditions

Scott Morrison has urged people in Queensland to look out for each other after bushfires claimed one life, with more extreme weather on the way.

The prime minister has been monitoring the fires from the G20 meeting in Argentina ahead of his return to Australia on Monday morning.

"Despite the very sad loss of one young man, a 21-year-old man who died while clearing a fire break west of Rockhampton, so far I think the efforts have been extraordinary," Morrison told reporters in Buenos Aires on Saturday local time.

"People's lives have been very significantly disrupted by the evacuations and other actions that have had to be taken.

"We'd ask for your patience, not just while the fires are burning, but for the many, many, many days ahead, as there will be the clean up work and the restoration that will have to follow."

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Severe to extreme heatwave conditions are forecast across central and north east Queensland on Sunday, and winds are predicted to increase.

"We're still expecting many more days of very difficult conditions in all of these areas," Morrison said.

"Just remember to look out for each other, particularly in these heatwave conditions that may not result in fire directly.

"There is a need to ensure we're keeping an eye on each other."