RSPCA Raids Queensland Puppy Farm, Rescues More Than 100 Bull Terriers

More than 100 Bull Terrier dogs and puppies living in "appalling conditions" have been seized after RSPCA raided a puppy farm in central Queensland.

Inspectors raided a property north west of Gladstone on Thursday where they found 110 "timid" and "frightened" dogs and puppies living in metal cages and large plastic tubs.

Photos taken by investigators revealed some adult dogs living in small travel cages while others were kept in livestock pens in groups of up to 10 animals.

Image: Matthew Howard/ 10 News First

Rubbish and debris littered the tightly packed sheds where the dogs lived.

"The conditions were appalling," said RSPCA Qld Chief Inspector Daniel Young.

"Many were in small cages with no enrichment and the newspaper they were lying on was soaked in urine."

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Image: Matthew Howard/ 10 News First

Inspectors initially raided the property following a complaint about five dogs but found another 105 living in the deplorable conditions.

Some of the dogs are now being cared for in Rockhampton and Bundaberg while the others are receiving care at the RSPCA's headquarters at Wacol. Investigations are continuing.