8,000 Residents Return To Homes After Fleeing 'Catastrophic' Fire Threat

Residents of central Queensland town Gracemere have been told they can return home after being forced to evacuate amid serious fire danger. 

Fire crews are expected to assess the damage to the town on Thursday after more than 8,000 residents fled on Wednesday as a fast-moving fire descended on the town south of Rockhampton.

It was the first time a catastrophic fire emergency had been declared in Queensland according to the ABC.

Queensland Fires and Emergency Services (QFES) Commissioner Katarina Carroll said that while the fire moved quickly, the conditions started to ease later on Wednesday. This is attributed to the hard work of fire fighters and the use of aerial tankers which gave authorities to chance to suppress the blaze in the area.

Catastrophic fire warnings were in place in Gracemere. Image: AAP>

At 11pm local time, no buildings had been lost in Gracemere and the fire warning was downgraded, however, it was still too dangerous for residents to return.

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Fire services worked throughout the night to contain the blaze, while a catastrophic fire warning for the Capricornia and Central Highlands and Coalfields in central Queensland was issued.

A warning to leave immediately was also given for residents in Deepwater, Baffle Creek, Rules Beach and Oyster Creek as mammoth fires spread.

Roughly 200 fires are still burning around the state.

Featured Image: AAP. 

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