Acts Of Animal Cruelty On The Increase In Victoria

Thousands of animals have been left without food, water or shelter among the many acts of cruelty reported in Victoria.

The state's RSPCA received 10,642 reports of cruelty to animals in 2017/18 --an average of 29 cases a day -- up on the previous year's figure of 10,180, figures released on Monday show.

Almost 5000 animals have reportedly been left without enough food, water or shelter, while 3212 concerns were raised about hygiene, grooming and housing conditions, the data states.

Animals that are underweight, sick and not receiving veterinary treatment, beaten or wounded, or abandoned have featured among the reports made to the organisation.

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Almost 6200 dogs and puppies suffered the majority of the cruelty, while 1634 cases involved cats and kittens, and 1468 included horses.

Organisation chief executive Liz Walker said the statistics revealed more work needed to be done to educate Victorians and improve animal welfare.

"It breaks our hearts to see our inspectors and vets attend to so many animals that are severely malnourished and ill, who clearly haven't been shown even the most basic level of care," Dr Walker said.

The organisation laid 712 charges against more than 100 people and doubled its compliance notices to 585 in 2017/18 compared to the previous year.