Balcony Incident 'Stupidity' Blemishes Schoolies Behaviour

A person's "stupidity" in standing on a high-rise ledge has marred what Gold Coast police consider successful celebrations for Queensland schoolies.

Police made three more arrests of schoolies than last year but welcomed no major incidents being reported, with minor drug offences comprising the bulk of the charges.

"I'm going to give them an A," Gold Coast District Inspector Mat Rosevear said on Saturday.

"We won't give them an A+ because we did have a couple of stupidity acts - one with the gentleman on the balcony."

Footage of a schoolie balancing on ledge without a safety railing in front of him was posted to social media.

The event has a history of high-rise falling incidents, with a 17-year-old girl dying in 2012 and a 17-year-old boy suffering a fractured pelvis after he fell two floors in 2016.

There have also been multiple instances of people balcony hopping in the past.

Rosevear said risky behaviour was not limited to balconies.

"We had a few issues with our electric bikes. We had two kids come off just over in the hub," he said.

"They didn't realise the electric bikes slip on white paint.

"Obviously the minor possessions of MDMA, but overall as I've said they were a very, very small percentage.

"Overall the kids were fantastic and the engagement's been great."

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The seventh and final night of celebrations on Friday saw the most arrests, with 18 schoolies and 18 non-schoolies arrested.

More than 90 non-schoolies were arrested and charged throughout the week.

Police will shift their attention to licensed venues over the next week as interstate schoolies arrive in Surfers Paradise, with the majority being 18 years of age and over.

Lead photo: Getty