NSW In The Firing Line As Wild Dust Storms Blanket Town

A thick layer of deep red dust was thrown across a country NSW town on Tuesday, the latest example of stunning and nightmarish storms from the desert.

The White Cliffs Hotel, in north-west NSW, posted this incredible footage on its Facebook page showing how an unexpected storm rolled in and carpeted the town in dirt.

"Another you beaut dust storm," the hotel wrote.

"Turley’s hill disappears, general store barely in sight!"

The store, just across the road, is almost entirely obscured by the storm.

The hotel posted a photo of another dust storm earlier this month, with a huge cloud looming ominously over the town.

Other residents posted videos of the storm, which went viral on social media.

Parts of NSW are predicted to be hit with dust storms in coming days, with strong winds picking up dirt from the dry desert and carrying them east towards more populated areas.

Sydney could be in for a battering on Thursday, and a possible repeat of the famous dust storm that hit the city in 2009.

That storm left the skies above Sydney a deep orange, leading to spectacular and iconic photos of famous city landmarks like the Harbour Bridge.

10 News First weather presenter Josh Holt said dust storms occur after a combination of sustained wind and dry weather.

"There are two major weather systems now of low pressure. There's one whipping through NSW currently with winds above 90 km/h. When you get that dry dust and strong winds, it whips it up and it gets airborne into the atmosphere," he said.

"Then you need prolonged periods of westerly air to push the dust through NSW and over the ranges onto the coast. Usually the dust storms stop because the winds die off, but the second system could last long enough to push the dust to Sydney."

"It's probably 50-50 at the moment, the winds would need to last a few days."

The Bureau of Meteorology has warned dust storms could hit parts of NSW this week.

"The system also has the potential to bring dust, thunderstorms and strong winds to the ACT," the BOM said in a statement.

"Dust picked up from far western NSW, or across the border, may be carried east by strong winds from Wednesday. Several dust storms have occurred over recent months, but under current conditions there is a risk dust could reach the ACT & NSW east coast early Thursday morning."

The Bureau also warned of strong winds through Friday, thunderstorms, and a very high fire danger due to storms and dry conditions. Snow is also possible in the southern alps, down to 1100 metres.