Chilling Encounter With Alleged Dance School Attacker

It was a blood curdling scream that finally revealed the whereabouts of missing seven-year-old girl.

Anthony Sampieri’s 54, is the man accused of the assault of seven-year-old in the toilet of a dance studio in Kogarah and the stabbing of a man who came to her aid.

Sampieri  had been on parole since September 2017 for the sexual assault of 60-year-old woman.

When approached for comment his mother refused to say anything more than she was that “we are all hurt” by the actions of her son.

Questions have been raised about why Sampieri was on parole even after allegations of lewd phone calls to a women were reported to police, but not passed on to parole officers.

But what many don’t know is the chilling close call workers at an op-shop near the dance studio had that very day, allegedly with the same man.

Jan Jones, the owner of the store said two of her female staff were working in the story on the day. The man, allegedly Sampieri, came in early that morning.

“He wanted to try clothes on, which he did, then he said he wasn’t going to buy, then he left. Came back just on closing time and said that he’d lost his wallet so he wanted to look for it,” Jones said.

It was then things took a dark turn. As the two women informed him there was no wallet, he closed the front door behind him as he remained in the store.

“They were scared- they said ‘open the door go- she said if you don’t go then I’m getting the Police’.”

He then left. The women did not call police until the next day when they heard of what happened to the little girl.

“They went to police the next day, they thought about it and put two and two together.”

What happened to that little girl is something that Dentist and reluctant hero Jeff Stack will never forget. Especially the frantic look in her mother’s eyes when she was missing and the blood curdling screams when she was found.

Stack also remembers the moment he apologised to the attacker.

“We went into the gents, the mother and I went and the first cubicle was locked and it was in darkness

I got down on the ground and looked under the door, there is a little gap—I couldn’t see anything it was in darkness.”

He said the mother had the phone with her and put on a camera light and shone it under the cubicle and he just saw a pair of feet.

“The mother got out, spoke to a chap on the stairs who was waiting for his daughter – they went and I went back in and banged on the door- I belted on the door and I said ‘oi who’s in there, who’s in there?’ I didn’t get any response

Three times later I heard a mumbly male voice respond—I said ‘sorry mate, sorry about that’.”

Stack then went back to his office and that’s when the discovery was made.

“I heard the blood curdling scream, I don’t know what they encountered but those blood curdling screams that’s when I flew out and down there to assist…

I could not get in the door, they were fighting against the door.”

The mother and Nicola Gilio had allegedly found the little girl in the cubicle and a fight ensued where Gilio was stabbed.

Stack managed to get in there and subdue the attacker, as Gilio stumbled out the door and down the hallway, bleeding.

“I lost sight of the chap, he had wondered down the stairs and out into the street and I was here guarding the hallway screaming to ‘call the police, call the police’ blood all up and down the hallway, the guy was still in the toilets.”

It was then he saw the mother sitting with her daughter cradling her in her arms.

Stack is reluctant to be called a hero.

“In reality we weren’t there for her in time, unfortunately, that’s the sad thing, everybody involved will have that.”