Bali Nine Drug Smuggler Renae Lawrence Released From Jail

Bali Nine drug smuggler Renae Lawrence has been released from Indonesia's Bangli Prison and is expected to board a flight to Australia after spending more than 13 years behind bars.

Lawrence made international headlines when she and eight others were arrested at Bali Airport attempting to smuggle heroin into Australia in April 2005.

She left Bangli Prison shortly after 8pm on Wednesday and did not speak with the waiting media scrum.

She entered a black Toyota four-wheel drive before being driven from the prison grounds.

Renae Lawrence, wearing sunglasses (centre), is surrounded by a media scrum as she leaves Bangli Prison (Image: Reuters)

Lawrence was driven to  Denpasar Airport with an escort of five officers, where she will board a flight directly to Australia.

Lawrence may be the only Bali Nine member to ever taste freedom -- the two ringleaders have been executed, one died from stomach cancer and the other five are all serving life sentences and remain imprisoned in Bali.

Justice department officials had minutes earlier announced the 41-year-old's release and that all processes for her release, including a health check, had been completed.

"We have issued a release from the prison and the prison has already conducted a health check and the result is the prisoner was healthy," a senior official told the media outside the jail.

"This is the paper that shows she is now a free woman," he said, indicating a document.

She met Bali Nine ringleader Andrew Chan and fellow mules Martin Stephens and Matthew Norman while working for catering company Eurest in Sydney.

She was paid $10,000 after smuggling heroin into Australia in 2004 with Chan who she said threatened to kill her family if she told anyone.

Indonesian authorities were tipped off to the Bali Nine plot by the Australian Federal Police, and the group were caught before they could leave Indonesia.

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Lawrence was handed a life sentence.

Following her arrest, the former Newcastle panel beater was described by her father Bob as "gullible, naive and bloody stupid."

"She's not a bad kid, she just got in with the wrong crowd," he said.

A successful appeal saw her life sentence reduced to 20 years. Since then Lawrence had seven years shaved off her sentence for rehabilitation and good behaviour.

Police video footage of Renae Lawrence having packages removed from her body. Photo: AAP Image/Channel 10

She spent time at Bali's notorious Kerobokan Prison with the other members of the Bali Nine and Schapelle Corby.

In 2014, she was transferred to Bangli Prison, found in the mountains to the east of Bali. It is considered less tough than Kerobokan prison.

Prison Governor Made Suwendra has described Lawrence as a co-operative and quiet inmate who made friends with other prisoners and contributed to communal life in the penal institution, which is next to rice fields.

Lawrence is being allowed to take personal possessions, including handicrafts she made inside Bangli, back to Australia.

Her mother, Bev Waterman, and stepbrother, Allan Waterman, are in Bali and are expected to accompany her on the flight home.

They have reportedly been given a new passport for Lawrence, provided by consular officials in Bali.

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Police video footage of Renae Lawrence. Photo: AAP Image/Channel 10

Earlier this year, Lawrence was flimed by 10 News First taking part in a traditional Balinese dance.

Days before her release, Lawrence requested a Hindu ceremony -- having converted to Hinduism during her time jail term -- to cleanse her of past sins and have a new start in life.

Renae Lawrence takes part in Balinese dance earlier this year. Image: Channel 10

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When she returns to Australia, Lawrence is facing two arrest warrants from NSW Police that have been outstanding since 2005.

Renae Lawrence and Schapelle Corby in Kerobokan Prison in 2008. Image: AP

NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller earlier said a deal with her lawyers was more likely than handcuffs on the tarmac.

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