The Crazy Reason Why It Could Snow Just Weeks From The Start Of Summer

Don't put those winter coats away just yet, people.

Cold weather, rain and even snow are on the way for Australia's eastern states.

It's all because of a warm, humid air mass coming from the Northern Territory combining with a cold, dry mass from the Southern Ocean.

"So then you have this cool and dry air mixing with the warm and humid air. When they collide, which they are beginning to, we are going to get widespread thunderstorm activity with the possibility of large hail and heavy rains," Network 10's weather expert Josh Holt told 10 daily.

These heavy rains are expected to affect southern North Territory, western New South Wales, Victoria and the Bass Strait with the rain, strong winds and hail expected to last a few days from Tuesday.

It could snow just before the start of summer. Image: Getty Images.

But it won't end there.

"After this system passes through, we are going to get another system from the Southern Ocean and this will push cold, antarctic air over south-eastern Tasmania, Victoria and even into the southern parts of NSW," Holt said.

This will result in bitterly cold temperatures and could even see some snow fall in the eastern states.

"On Thursday, Melbourne is expected to be 15 degrees which is seven degrees below average and there could also be snowfall across the alpine regions of NSW," Holt said.

While this does seem truly outrageous, curious weather patterns such as these aren't uncommon for this time of the year.

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Rain at this time of year isn't unusual. Image: Getty Images.

"These systems do happen at this time of year, particularly with the trough we're seeing over Queensland, this is a very normal pattern at this time of year," meteorologist from the NSW Bureau of Meteorology Anita Pyne told 10 daily. 

Pyne said parts of NSW, west of the Great Dividing Range, will see the heaviest rain fall, with less expected in the metropolitan areas. She said the possibility of localised thunderstorms could help farmers struggling with crippling drought conditions.

"[The rain could help farmers] potentially for the central west. We are forecasting a few millimetres wide spread but there is potential locally for some farms to get more under a thunderstorm," Pyne said.

"A thunderstorm is a small scale system, just a few kilometres across, so there's potential there might be few a good drinks."

Featured Image: Getty Images. 

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