Dad Charged After Six-Year-Old Daughter Kills Baby Brother

A father in Houston, Texas has been charged after his six-year-old daughter allegedly killed her baby brother while he was shopping.

On May 20 this year, Adrian Dreshaun Middleton, 26, went shopping for clothes and left his six-year-old daughter and his one-year-old son in the car. Middleton told authorities he left the air-conditioning running, turned a movie on and left them with snacks before heading into the shopping centre.

The little girl told police what while her father was gone, she was playing with her brother when he started crying. He stopped playing with her as he cried and so she got annoyed. To stop him crying she wrapped a seat belt around his neck. The infant told police that she thought her brother had fallen asleep.

When her father returned to the car, he saw his daughter crying and then he saw the seat belt wrapped around his son's neck.

The father of two left his children in a car while he went shopping. Image: Getty Images,

He wasn't responding.

Middleton called emergency services and attempted CPR until help arrived. The boy was taken to Texas Children's Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Middleton told police he was in the store for between 30 and 45 minutes and that he checked on his children through the window. CCTV of the shop however, showed Middleton in the store for about one hour and 40 minutes and it didn't appear he checked on his children at all.

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Middleton was charged with abandonment a child and it set to face court. The hospital autopsy found the one-year-old boy died due to homicide by strangulation.

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