Is This The Bravest Animal Wrangling Cop In Australia?

An emu, an alpaca and a cop walk into a bar -- stop me if you've heard this one.

On Friday, it was reported two women made a point to thank police for bravely rescuing them from the wrath of a particularly unhappy alpaca.

Pat and Karen Stroebel in Mt Barker, Western Australia, were bitten and essentially held hostage by a newly acquired male alpaca, ABC Great Southern reported, before two officers came to their aid.

Just look at those sinister...fluffy eyes. Image: supplied

"Somebody across the highway" had heard the women screaming for help, having fought the animal off for hours while trapped.

When officers arrived, the women were "bailed up on the verandah by the alpaca."

One of those officers was Constable Kevin Loveland -- and it wasn't his first rodeo.

It appears Loveland went toe-to-toe with a rebellious emu in 2015.

The runaway bird, which turned out to be a local pet, spent a night evading police as it ran around town.

With the help of a local woman, Loveland successfully caught the feathered fiend.

Constable Kevin Loveland wrestling the runaway emu into a trailer. Image: AAP

“One thing led to another and I ended up being Johnny-on-the-spot,” Loveland told The Guardian.

“Three of us walked up to it, [the] woman grabbed it around the neck and I picked it up.”

As for Loveland's latest wrangling stint, the alpaca seemed to put up a tougher fight.

"This thing was feral, it was spitting, it was very aggressive... Sarg grabbed it first...we kind of frog walked it back into the paddock," he told the ABC.

Is this his specialty? Does Mt Barker have a unique pet problem? Will he be drafted in the case of a second Emu War?

Obviously, we don't know, but his animal case success rate is so far two for two and only getting more testing.

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