Police Slammed After Crash Not Attended For Five Hours After 000 Call

A former nurse has slammed Queensland Police for failing to immediately investigate her triple-zero call about a fatal truck crash south of Brisbane.

Michelle Murray said she called emergency services on Wednesday morning, after finding a wrecked semi-trailer under a bridge near her Tanah Merah home.

The mother of five said she initially heard the crash late on Tuesday night.

“It was a 'boom, boom'. It shook, shook the whole house,” she told 10 News First.

More than six hours after the accident, Murray called for help after she discovered the wreckage on the other side of Slacks Creek, under the Logan Motorway.

Drivers passed by the scene of the crash unaware of the wreckage beneath the highway. Image: 10 News First

She claims the female triple-zero operator told her the crash may have already been dealt with.

“She was going to check her records and that was the end of the triple-zero call. So I felt fobbed off,” she said.

The 57-year-old male driver from Sydney was later found dead in the cabin.

In an official release, police say the crash site wasn’t discovered until nearly five hours after Murray’s initial call to authorities.

“Triple zero have a duty of care and it was not utterly followed up on and it cost a life,” she said.

Queensland Transport Workers Union branch secretary Peter Biagini also criticised the response time.

“I'm outraged. How did it take ten-and-a-half hours before the company found out,” he told 10 News First.

Image: 10 News First

He’s also taken aim at the trucking company Lindsay Brothers for failing to respond to Murray’s initial report.

“The business should be closed down while there's a full investigation,” he said.

“This is a large company that should be ashamed of themselves.”

Murray had voiced her intentions to file a complaint with police.

In a statement the QPS has since confirmed it is reviewing the initial response using recordings of Murray’s call.

“My biggest concern is that's it's just going to get brushed under the carpet like my triple-zero call,” she said.

“I just want respect for the family of the truck driver. I mean, the system has to change.”