10 Times Steve Irwin Was Outrageously Aussie

It's been 13 years since Steve Irwin passed away, but time hasn't faded fond memories of the man famous for his love for wildlife and his Australian charm.

Today would've been Steve Irwin's 57th birthday and Australia -- and the world -- is celebrating the legend that was.

Google has created a series of doodles remembering the crocodile hunter's life:

Steve depicted with his beloved Staffordshire Bull Terrier Sui, whom his daughter Bindi Sue was named for. Image: Google
Steve depicted holding son Robert, with his wife Terri and daughter Bindi holding a little croc. Image: Google

Steve Irwin died on September 4, 2006 after suffering a stingray injury while filming a documentary series about the ocean's deadliest animals.

Since his passing, a memorial day to celebrate the crocodile hunter's life is held on November 15. To mark the occasion, we looked back on 10 moments where Irwin displayed his passion for the world of wildlife in the most Australian way imaginable.

Steve Irwin is remembered as an Aussie icon. Image: Getty Images.

It's something people in Australia and all over the world knew and loved him for.

Like the time he warned viewers "don't try this at home" as he wrangled the world's most deadly snake or the time he escaped from the jaws of an enormous Komodo Dragon while looking down the barrel of the camera saying "danger, danger danger".

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Or the way he dazzled American audiences during his talk show appearances, by handling some of the most dangerous animals in the world in a relaxed and compassionate way.

Steve Irwin on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in 1999. Image: Getty Images.

Of course, there was also the time he warned us to be 'Dingo Safe' and 'Croc Wise'.

There's so many iconic moments in the life of this Australian legend and here are 10 of our favourites.

Featured Image: Getty Images.