Man Lucky To Be Alive After Tiger Shark Attack

It's the moment we all fear when we get in the water.

A man the ABC have identified as Kyle Roberts was thrown from his kayak into the water by a Tiger Shark he estimated to be around four-and-a-half metres long on Queensland's Sunshine Coast.

He  was paddling around one-and-a-half kilometres off Moffat Headland when he was attacked at around 5.45 on Thursday morning.

The attack punctured the kayak. (Image Supplied)

The reason for the attack is unknown according to David McLean, the Emergency Response Co-ordinator for Surf Life Saving Queensland (SLSQ).

McLean said Roberts was an experienced kayaker who was fishing off the Headland but had no catch that could have attracted the massive predator.

Robert's kayak took the damage from the massive shark. (Image Supplied)

"There was no blood in the water-nothing else to attract any sharks, just came out of the blue, completely broadsided him."

After the initial attack,  Roberts swam back to his kayak, only for the shark to launch another attack, narrowly missing him, according to a spokesman for SLSQ.

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The shark's attacks had punctured the stranded craft, but it stayed afloat thanks to a trapped air bubble towards the front of the boat.

He clung to the kayak, and radioed the  SLSQ to ask for help.

A team of jet skiers were then dispatched to find Roberts, while a helicopter prepared to take off.

Tiger Sharks can grow to over 5 metres long. (Image Getty)

He was later found by the jet ski team, who according to McLean saved his life.

He said, considering the shark continued to circle  after the attack that Roberts is lucky to be alive.

"I think he's very lucky, the search took about 35 to 40 minutes for us to get to him."

Whilst he didn't sustain any physical injuries in the attack, McLean said he was in a state of shock after his rescue.

Moffat Beach and Headland (Image Google Maps)

It's the fourth shark attack in Queensland since September, including the fatal mauling of a 33-year-old Victorian man which took place in the Whitsundays earlier this month.

A second, much smaller shark was also spotted at nearby Bulcock Beach.

The swimming spot has been closed until the one-and-a-half metre shark leaves the area.

Feature Image: Getty