There's An Alpaca Burger And Macca's Is Not Lovin' It

The owners of an Australian burger joint say they're under fire from the very top of the fast-food chain for the promotion of an alpaca burger.

The owners of Burger Urge, a small fast food chain based in Brisbane, say they have been issued with a cease and desist by McDonald's for their newly launched 'Big Pac' burger.

Sound familiar? McDonald's thinks so.

As described in a promotional jingle strikingly similar to that of a Macca's tune for its Big Mac in the 70s, the Big Pac contains "two all alpaca patties, sauce, cheese, pickles, lettuce, onion, on a sesame bun."

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It was launched on November 1 and is only available for a limited time.

But that time may be about to get even more limited, as Burger Urge owners claim the fast food giant has "demanded" the burger be pulled from stores by Friday this week.

"We're actually a bit perplexed by it all," Burger Urge managing director Sean Carthew, who owns the chain with his brother Colby, said in a statement.

"Burger Urge is the only restaurant chain in Australia that serves Alpaca burgers, so we don't think anybody could possibly confuse us with McDonald's."

A spokesperson for McDonald's said it isn't the burger specifically they're taking issue with, but rather the promotions connected to it.

"This is simply a marketing stunt to leverage our well-established and iconic brand," the spokesperson said.

"We have no issue with the burger itself, however the name and promotion are infringing on our trademark by clearly mirroring our famous big mac. We have had a number of productive conversations with Burger Urge, who have already agreed to remove the marketing materials as requested."

You're putting what on your burgers? Image: Getty

Made from meat supplied by Illawarra Prime Alpaca in Berry, NSW, the burger has ruffled some feathers beyond the golden arches in the two weeks it's been around.

The concept of putting alpaca on the menu received mixed reviews online.

While some questioned the nature of the dish, others were none too impressed it made its debut in the market on World Vegan Day.

Featured images: Getty, Burger Urge Instagram