Three ‘Lucky’ To Survive Airborne Smash

A speeding driver is being blamed for a sickening crash at West Ryde in Sydney's north-west that saw two cars fly through the air.

It was just after 6pm on Monday night and Sylvia Chong was less than a kilometre from home.

But as she turned onto Adelaide Avenue, she never made it around the corner.

She was hit by a speeding P-plater, with the impact so fierce both cars became airborne, and she was spun almost 360-degrees.

The 62 year-old’s car landed 20-metres away, the Volkswagen Golf was on its roof.

Source: 10 News First

Adam Phillis was a street away and still heard the collision.

“(It was) just the loudest bang ever and then all of a sudden the traffic stopped, so you knew something bad had happened,” he told reporters.

A closer neighbour heard it all too, even the screams coming from the wreckage.

“He was screaming ‘get me out, get me out, help me, help me’,” the neighbour said.

Inside the overturned car was 20-year-old Mohamed Sawan and 19-year-old Anthony Young.

Source: 10 News First

They were taken to hospital suffering possible spine, head and rib injuries.

Chong was trapped in her vehicle for some time and had to be delicately cut out before being transported to the spinal unit at Royal North Shore Hospital.

Chief Inspector Phil Brooks told reporters it was “very lucky” their families weren’t dealing with the death of a loved one.

Source: 10 News First

“This road was congested, there were many vehicles on this road, it was peak hour and to see speed like this, a crash like this, is a very significant risk to road users,” he said.

Security footage of the crash has been seized by investigators and will be vital in eventually laying dangerous driving charges.