'Like Somebody Ripped My Heart Out': Family Confronts Fatal Crash Driver

What do you say to the man who killed your husband, and left your son without a father?

Mary Lou Hoeiki bravely found the words and faced Raymond Lomas in a Sydney court today, as her brother read them out in the course of sentencing submissions.

"No family should have to go through this kind of grief and heartache. You have left a massive hole in our hearts and a link in our chain is broken" he read.

"You have stolen her one and only true love. Like my sister said, she will pray for you but that doesn't mean she forgives you."

Her husband was 49-year-old Junior Saini. He was driving with co-worker, Alex Theodore, to an early shift in May last year when their car was crushed by a stolen ute that had run a red light in St Peters.

Both men were killed.

Lomas, 34, was on bail and on ice.

He was driving disqualified, in a stolen car and fleeing another crime when he was chased by police in May last year.

But he was speeding, running lights and driving on the wrong side of the road so police stopped the pursuit.

Minutes later he would cause the fatal crash and try to flee.

He's since pleaded guilty to all charges laid.

Mr Theodore's brother Emmanuel Fardoulis also wrote a statement to the court.

He was told the news while working in Santiago.

"It was like somebody had ripped my heart out, leaving an empty shell," he said.

"I started crying uncontrollably in the foyer of the hotel. I couldn't believe this had happened to my brother" he said.

The chase had started in Mosman, where Lomas had just robbed the home of Harold Scruby, a prominent pedestrian safety advocate.

Mr Scruby woke to his wife screaming and Lomas by the bed.

"You don't feel safe in your house anymore. You know, it's a tragedy for everybody - including the perpetrator. This could have all been prevented if our courts weren't so sorbent soft on everything" he told 10 News First.

Lomas will be sentenced on Thursday.