Separated Bhutanese Conjoined Twins 'Reach For Each Other'

Bhutanese twins Nima and Dawa are no longer joined together but continue to rely on each other's company as they recover from delicate separation surgery.

The 15-month-olds girls were still lying together on Monday, three days after surgeons successfully operated on them in Melbourne, a Children First Foundation spokeswoman said.

"They've been lying together in the same bed," spokeswoman Julie Webber said, confirming the girls remained in a stable condition in hospital.

"The nurses placed them together ... they were getting a bit restless.

"They were reaching out for each other, putting their legs across each other as they did when they were joined."

Nima and Dawa underwent surgery on Friday. Photo: Supplied

Webber spoke to AAP after visiting the girls on Monday afternoon, saying they were doing "extremely well", clapping, tugging each other's hair and eating solids.

Mother Bhumchu Zangmo wore a beaming smile and found it amusing when people joked about carrying a child on each hip, she said.

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Up to 25 surgeons, nurses and anaesthetists worked together during the six-hour procedure to split the girls' connected livers and reconstruct their abdomens, closing over the area that was previously attached.

Nima and Dawa were brought to Australia in October and are likely to spend at least a week in hospital before continuing their recovery at the Children First Foundation retreat at Kilmore, where they were cared for in the lead-up to the operation.

Source: 10 News First

The procedure and recovery are expected to cost at least $350,000 and the Victorian government has offered to pay the bill.

Other funds raised will go towards the twins' rehabilitation and return home.