Bodyboard Champion Describes His Fight With Shark After It Bit His Leg

Noah Symmans said he stomped off a shark when it grabbed him on the leg while he was in the surf on Sunday.

The 20-year-old from Albany in WA, who won the national bodyboarding title in 2015, was at a surf spot at Pyramids Beach, south of Perth with a friend when the attack occurred.

The pair had seen a school of salmon, then a number of dolphins a few hours later and so assumed the water was safe to be in.

Speaking to the ABC from his hospital bed in Royal Perth Hospital, Symmans described the moment he felt the shark tugging at his leg.

Symmans was the 2015 Bodyboarding Champion. Image: Facebook/ Noah Symmans.

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"Then about a couple of hours in we were just chatting in the line-up, and just felt something grab my leg and kinda pull me down, and I just went into attack mode, I guess, and got my other foot and booted it," Symmans said.

"I think it was in the face, and then kind of released."

Symmans then swam as fast as he could for a close-by rock, where he was able to pull himself out of the water and to safety.

Symmans was bit on the foot and ankle by a shark. Image: Facebook/ Noah Symmans.

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He didn't see the shark at all, so was unable to comment on what type it was.

Symmans and his friend ran to the the nearby Port Bouvard Surf Life Saving Club where two lifeguards rushed to help and commenced first aid. He was then transported to hospital in a rescue helicopter.

It was expected at the time Symmans would have surgery on Monday.

He suffered puncture wounds on his foot and ankle.

Featured Image: Facebook/ Noah Symmans. 

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