Dog Wins Fight Against Deadly Brown Snake

It's a dog eat snake world.

A nine-year-old dog has come out on top after it went paw to fang with a metre-long brown snake to the north of Adelaide last week. Teresa Barnden found her Shiba Inu, named Chardy, battling the reptile in the front of her Truro home.

The brutal melee lasted two minutes, with the hunting dog dragging his deadly opponent onto the front lawn before exchanging bites with his foe.

Chardy goes in hard on her reptilian opponent. (Image Credit: Facebook/Teresa Barnden)

Security camera footage from the front of the Truro home shows the loyal canine wearing down the snake before finally killing it.

Barnden posted on her Facebook that she tried to stop her dog attacking the snake.

After battle ended Chardy was put straight in the car and taken down to the vet where she was given anti-venom and was put on fluids.

Now fit and healthy, Chardy is back home with no signs of trauma from the fight.

Barnden said her dog's fur saved her from the majority of attacks landed by the snake aside from a small bite on his nose, Yahoo7 News reports.

The Brown Snake is one of the deadliest in Australia. (Image Credit AAP)

"Her whole body except her snout is covered in a double fur coat so if it tried to bite anywhere else (except her nose), I don't think it would penetrate."

Feature Image: Facebook/Teresa Barnden

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