Body Of Child Found Following Search In Central Australia

NT Police have located the body of a child following an extensive land and air search in central Australia.

An urgent search got underway today for a 12-year-old boy after three people were found dead near a broken down vehicle in central Australia.

"Police can confirm, the body of the child was located 120 metres from the family found dead on Jarra Jarra Road yesterday," NT Police said in a statement.

However, the remains have not been formally identified.

Police located the bodies of a two adults and a child on a road some 300km northwest of Alice Springs on Wednesday.

The alarm was raised by a person at Willowra Health Clinic just before 12.30pm on Wednesday and authorities attended the scene on Jarra Jarra Access rd -- 62 kilometres away from Willowra -- later that same day.

At the scene police found the bodies of a 19-year-old man, a 19-year-old woman and a three-year-old boy about 4.5 kilometers from the vehicle.

It is believed the group may have died from exposure after leaving their broken down vehicle and not in a car crash as was initially reported.

Remnants of food and water were also discovered at the scene.

Southern Desert Division Superintendent Jody Nobbs said the possibility there were more passengers in the vehicle has not been ruled out.

“Although police have no information that suggests there were other passengers in the car, we will continue a precautionary land and air search until we are satisfied that all areas of interest have been sufficiently canvassed," he said.

The search for a young boy who was believed to have been with the group and not found among the dead.

"The whereabouts of this 12-year-old boy are not known at this point in time," Duty Superintendent Shaun Gill told ABC radio on Thursday.

"One of the avenues we're looking at is that they've walked off from a vehicle in extreme weather and may have got caught out."

"Initially we thought it was the result of a car crash, however we're confident it's not."

The region of Willowra in the Northern Territory. Image: Google Maps

Family members have not yet authorised the released of the child's name, but told police community members in Ali Curung, Ti Tree and Willowra, who "are aware of his particulars".

The details of the people who died have also not been released.

Their deaths are not being treated as suspicious and a report will be prepared for the coroner.