Supermarket, Fuel Giants Expand Rewards Programs As Drivers Demand Relief

Major outlets are taking advantage of driver dissatisfaction by expanding their rewards partnerships for fuel and grocery savings, as petrol prices reach record highs.

Aussie drivers are continuing to feel the sting from recent petrol price hikes, which saw the cost to refuel reach its highest levels in a decade.

But early signs of price drops could bring welcome relief for drivers in several major cities with Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane each reporting drops in average prices in the last week.

In Brisbane the RACQ estimated the fair price of petrol at 143.4 cents a litre, while in Melbourne the average price of a pump was 150.9 cents per litre on Wednesday.

This week's NRMA fuel report said the average price of unleaded petrol in Sydney dropped by 10 cents per litre in the past week, with average prices for regular unleaded now sitting at 143.6 cents per litre.

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NRMA spokesperson Peter Khoury said it was the relief everyone had been waiting for, from a notoriously volatile industry.

"We've gone from 10 year highs to average prices likely to fall below $1.40," Khoury told 10 News First.

"There's nothing in the short term to suggest we'll see prices  jump suddenly."

And it appears national fuel giants are looking to take advantage of recent driver dissatisfaction, with Caltex and Woolworths announcing on Wednesday that they will be expanding their loyalty partnership to allow more drivers to take advantage of fuel discounts.

Woolworths customers who currently earn four cents off a litre of fuel when they spend $30 or more in-store will be able to redeem their discount at 125 new Caltex-branded locations.

That's almost double the existing 104 Caltex stores that already accept the Woolworths discount.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 10: A general view of a Caltex Woolworths petrol station in Geelong on August 10, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Scott Barbour/Getty Images)

Executive General Manager of Caltex's Convenience Retail division Richard Pearson said it was about making customer's lives easier and helping them save money.

The partners are also doubling their current deal on grocery perks with  680 newly participating Caltex location across the country to allow Rewards customers to earn Woolworths points.

Ingrid Maes, Director of Loyalty at Woolworths said the deal was a win for its 11.2 million Rewards members.

She said rewards members will earn a point for every dollar spent on fuel and in store purchases, and can use their points to get money off their shop at Woolworths Supermarkets, BWS and Big W, or convert them to Qantas points.

Khoury told 10 News First it was all about giving consumers choice.

"We want the public to have choice and we want our members to have choice," he said, adding the NRMA would continue to push for nationalisation of real-time data legislation first introduced in NSW in 2016.

"While the factors putting prices up are global, we believe the solutions could be local."

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