Powerball's Luckiest Numbers Revealed Ahead Of $60 Million Jackpot Draw

It's 2018's third biggest jackpot and it's going off tomorrow night.

Coming just three months after a record-breaking $100 million Powerball draw was taken out by a lucky Melbourne man and Sydney dad, tomorrow's Powerball jackpot is for $60 million.

Despite being a random game of chance, The Lott has revealed the 'hot' and 'cold' numbers ahead of the draw.

These are the numbers determined likely or unlikely to be drawn based on the past 25 draws.

In the hot corner, winning numbers are 32 and 25, coming out of the gate 12 and nine times respectively.

Meanwhile the 'cold' winning numbers are 12, which has been drawn only twice, 26 and 11, which have only been drawn three times each.

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"The big question is – do you choose hot numbers in the hope that they live up to their reputation of being most frequently drawn, or do you back the cold numbers believing they’re now up for the race?” Powerball spokesperson Matt Hart said in a statement.

Hart said the organisation expects 1 in 5 Aussie adults to put their hat in the ring for the jackpot.