The Body Modifying 'Cult' Blamed For The Death Of Aussie 'Gentle Giant'

Eight years ago Linda Chapman's 20-year-old son Jack fell in love with an American man named Dylan.

Just three weeks ago, Jack died in a US hospital without his mother or any of his family knowing. Linda learnt of her son's death a day after the fact.

And in her mind, Dylan is to blame for her Jack's premature passing.

When she discovered Jack was in a relationship she saw as toxic and abusive, her world fell apart.

"I know my son had free will, but he was not in his right frame of mind, he was not the Jack that I sent over there. He had no self-esteem, he’d lost himself in this cult. This was a disturbed boy," Linda told The Project.

Jack (right) fell in love with Dylan (left) when he was just 20- years-old. Image: The Project.

Dylan introduced Jack to his extreme fetish of dangerous body manipulation and his love of master/servant role play. Linda also discovered an extraordinary contract that set out the full terms of Jack's relationship with Dylan, where Dylan was 'the master' and Jack one of a number of 'pups' who were forced to obey him.

The contract also said the pup's body and mind were the exclusive property of the master and that the pup had no identity outside that given to him by the master.

As part of this contract Jack was required to take Dylan's surname, sign over his salary, wear a chain around his neck and cut off all contact with anyone who existed outside the circle.

"It was devotion, it was like some sort of clan, family, like a cult. And to prove their devotion to him they had to change their bodies," Linda said.

Jack obeyed the orders of his 'master' and altered his body by getting silicone injections to enlarge his testicles.

"From what I can gather, it was just in the testicles, it may have been in the backside," Linda said.

Jack was injected with silicone in the testicles. Image: The Project.

According to Jack's death certificate, he died from diffuse aveolar hemorrhage, acute respiratory stress syndrome, pnuemonitis and silicon injection syndrome.

The circumstances surrounding Jack's death are just as bizarre as his relationship with Dylan. Just three weeks before his death, Jack signed a will that left all his assets to Dylan. Just two days after his death, Jack was cremated -- which is unusually quick, the crematorium told Linda.

Dylan posted to Facebook saying Jack had died from an diagnosed lung disease, but Linda now knows that to be untrue.

In yet another wild turn of events, Dylan agreed to return Jack's ashes to his family in person, giving Linda the chance to confront him about her son's death.

Jack the other pups and their master. Image: The Project

"The best possible outcome for today is to find out who gave him the silicone injections and find out why he didn’t bother to contact me for a whole week while my son was in hospital, why Jack wrote a will three weeks before he died," Linda told The Project.

Dylan said Jack didn't want him to contact his family unless it was necessary and that he planned to give Jack's money and other assets to Ben, Linda's other son who has autism.

Dylan also denied forcing Jack to inject himself with silicone.

No amount of questioning and talking will bring Jack back, but Linda plans to get closure with the help of police.

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