Calls To Recognise War Veterans On All Forms Of Transport In Australia

Virgin Australia plans to honour war veterans on all its flights, but not everyone loves the idea.

The move reflects what is already done in the United States, where Australian servicemen and women will be given priority boarding and their contribution to the country publicly acknowledged on board during pre-flight announcements.

The plan doesn't appear to include flight discounts for veterans.

“We acknowledge the important contribution veterans have made to keeping our country safe and the role they play in our community,” Virgin Australia chief executive officer John Borghetti told Brisbane’s Sunday Mail.

“Once the veterans have their cards and lapel pins, they will simply need to present them during the boarding process to be given priority boarding and be recognised on board.”

The plan doesn't includes airfare discounts. Image: Getty Images.

It's long been an American Airlines policy to ask passengers on board an aircraft to stand and applaud war veterans.

The federal government has thrown its support behind Virgin's move. Defence Minister Steve Ciobo called for this acknowledgement to be implemented across all transport, not just on planes.

“If we can get though not just airlines, but if we can do this across the board, I think that is part of reinforcing respect in the Australian community for these men and women,” Mr Ciobo told Sky News.

“I want to congratulate Virgin for, in many respects, being a trailblazer.”

But not everyone supports the idea, with many people vocalising their opinions about the plan on Twitter.

Qantas rejected calls on Monday to follow Virgin and consider the policy themselves.

Featured Image: AAP. 

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