The 8-Year-Old Girl Who Took On Kellogg's And Won

Eight-year-old Daliah Lee spoke to The Sunday Project about taking on Kellogg's to get the company to change their packaging to include females doing "awesome things".

After noticing only pictures of male athletes on the company's cereal packaging, Daliah wrote a letter demanding the company include photos of women.

"There are only pictures of boys doing something awesome. Why can't girls be on the back?" she said in her letter.

But the response the pint-sized trailblazer received was not what she wanted to hear.

"Sorry you did not like this particular product... we hope you find other products of ours that you can enjoy" Kellogg's wrote back.

Daliah told The Sunday Project she felt "very disappointed" with the reply.

"They said nothing about the problem, which is not what I want to see in the letters, especially from a huge company" she said.

After receiving that letter, Daliah started a petition, demanding the company change the pictures, and on Friday, Kellogg's changed their tune.

"Hearing Daliah's passion... we've decided that we will update the pack imagery with images of both females and males... so that we can continue to inspire all Aussies no matter their gender," Kellogg's said.

Girls who only see men on the back of their cereal packages might believe they can't do what men can Daliah said.

"If girls are on there, or women, she'll believe she can do it one day," she said.

And Daliah already has her list of female athletes she wishes to see on the back of Kellogg's boxes.

"I want to see Nova Peris or Kathy Freeman, or the Canberra Capitals [WNBL team] because they won," she said.

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Daliah and her mum Annabelle on The Sunday Project.

Her mother, Annabelle, is "incredibly proud" of her young daughter, but she too has been on the end of Daliah's stubborness.

"She's not at any point always happy with me, but she's a normal eight-year-old, so we've certainly had our differences," Annabelle said.

She's even received a few of Daliah's renowned letters.

"She sometimes does a broken heart on a piece of paper, or 'Mum' crossed out," Annabelle said.

Taking on a multi-national company isn't the end for Daliah, she's got bigger plans for her future.

"I want to be Prime Minister."

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