Melbourne Cafe Blindsided By Negative Reviews After Year 12 Exam Question

Dozens of students have flooded the social media pages of a local cafe with bad reviews.

Community members are rallying behind a local cafe in Aberfeldie north west of Melbourne after it received a string of bad reviews from what appears to be backlash related to a Year 12 exam question.

The Calmer Cafe was inundated with bad reviews after students finished a VCE English exam in which they had to analyse a made-up negative review of a non-existent cafe called "Calmer Coffee."

The exam reportedly discussed a "tablet-wielding" waiter with a "manbun" who served burnt coffee, and since Wednesday Calmer Cafe's social media channels have been flooded with dozens of references to the character.

"Abhorrent service by a tablet-wielding man with a man-bun. My senses were without doubt attacked and I felt assaulted by coffee bean the moment I walked in," one review said.

"Ignored by tablet wielding man bun 2/10," another said.

But other customers have since jumped to the support of the cafe, whose owners are reportedly considering legal action because of the affect on their business.

Other reviewers who appear to also be year 12 students have given the cafe a five star rating with several offering apologies for the bad reviews from fellow students.

Victoria's Minister For Industry & Employment Ben Carroll also threw his support behind the cafe in a social media post saying  they were "turning a negative into a positive."

The cafe has since responded to the backlash online, offering Year 12 students a free coffee.

"We know  exam period is a stressful time... so all year 12 students that mention THAT exam question and show their student ID card will receive one free small coffee," a post on their Facebook page said.

Other reviewers have placed the blame on the Victorian Certificate of Education for creating a fictional coffee store with such a similar name.

On Friday the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority said they were aware of the incident and confirmed their exam was based on a fictional "Calmer Coffee" store in "Benmore Village."

A spokesperson for VCAA told 10 daily the department engages an external writer to draft the text used in Section C of the English examination.

"The text is then reviewed, modified as necessary, and approved by a panel and reviewers made up of highly experienced teachers, academics and experts," the spokesperson said in a statement.

"The VCAA had checked and confirmed that there was no registered business with the name ‘Calmer Coffee’ prior to the examination."

10 daily has contacted the Calmer Cafe for comment.