Atlassian's Mike Cannon-Brookes Calls Scott Morrison's Power Plans 'Bull****'

Australian billionaire and Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brooks has called out Prime Minister Scott Morrison over his promise to reduce power bills.

Co-founder of tech company Atlassian Mike Cannon-Brookes has called out  Scott Morrison over a video the PM posted to social media calling for "more fair dinkum, reliable energy power".

In the video posted last week, the Prime Minister said  "renewables are great, but we're also needing the reliable power when the sun isn't shining and the wind isn't blowing. That's what keeps the lights on."

In response to the "bullshit" video, Cannon-Brookes started a new campaign calling for renewable energy, titled with the PM's own words.

Mike Cannon-Brookes has called the PM's energy promise 'bullshit'. Image: AAP.

It's called 'Fair Dinkum Power'.

Cannon-Brookes tweeted on Wednesday that he had registered the brand name 'Fair Dinkum Power' and had given himself just an hour to come up with a number of logos for the new campaign.

He then posted five logos to Twitter as promised and asked his followers to vote for their favourite.

The logo with the most votes in 24 hours will win but what's next for the new campaign is yet to be determined.

Featured Image: AAP/Getty Images. 

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