Aussies Challenged To Find $1 Coins For 'Golden Ticket' Style Competition

Time to check your wallets Australia.

Three million $1 coins have been placed into circulation across the country as part of a 'golden ticket style' treasure hunt to encourage Aussies to start collecting.

The Royal Australian mint has specially marked the coins with the letters A, U or S, with participants who manage to collect one of each in the running for prizes.

CEO Ross MacDiarmid said the competition launched ahead of the 35 year anniversary of the Australian dollar aimed at encouraging a new generation of collectors.

According to a Royal Australian Mint poll, Aussies believe coin collecting helps develop patience, persistence and financial literacy.

And it has nostalgic value as well, with nearly half of today's adults linking it to collecting coins in their piggy bank, according to the poll.

“The need to collect is as old as humanity and transcends time and culture," MacDiarmid said.

"Australia’s Dollar Discovery is a nationwide treasure hunt that we hope encourages Australians of all ages and from every state and territory to check their change for these special coins."

The national treasure hunt runs from November 1 with the competition open until April 8 next year.

Families who collect one of each of the coins, which are also marked with the number 35, will go in the running for a really exciting trip...


to Canberra.

Eight lucky winners will get a VIP tour of the Mint in the nation's capital and get a chance to mint their very own one kilogram pure silver coin, before spending two nights at Jamala Wildlife Lodge.

A further 250 winners will receive a $150 gift voucher to spend on Royal Australian Mint products, while another 5,000 winners will win an Aussie Dollar Discovery piggybank.

Aussies who find all three anniversary coins should register online for their chance to win.