Police Urge Trick Or Treaters Not To Vandalise Homes

Halloween is a relatively new concept in Australia, and not everyone is on board yet.

The NSW Police have issued warnings to trick or treaters to respect houses not taking part in Halloween.

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Despite the origins of trick or treating, police said it is no excuse to vandalise or damage houses, Acting Assistant Commissioner Julie Middlesmiss of Traffic and Highway Patrol said.

"While we acknowledge the meaning of 'trick or treating,' ensure you respect people’s decision not to participate in the festivities, as damage to properties will not be tolerated," she said.

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Neighbourhoods have taken to Facebook groups to organise the streets taking part in the festivities.

Greystanes Community and Surrounds Facebook page have listed the best streets for trick or treaters.

In the Sydney suburb of Greystanes, an 'Official Street List' has been posted on the community Facebook noticeboard to inform locals of the best places to take their kids on Wednesday night.

Toowoomba, in Queensland, have taken it a step further, using an interactive map of the best places to trick or treat.

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Interactive map of Toowoomba for the best trick or treating streets. image: Google

Safety while out trick or treating is also a concern for police, with warnings to make sure people can still be seen by drivers in their costumes.

“You should make you and your group stand out by using torches and glow sticks, so drivers can see you," Middlesmiss said.