Brekky Wrap: Lion Air Flight Recovery Continues & Actress In Geoffrey Rush Case Speaks Out

All the news you need to know this Wednesday morning.

More than three dozen body bags have been sent to identification experts following the deadly crash of Lion Air flight JT610, which killed all 189 people on board. Grieving relatives have provided DNA samples to help in the identification, while authorities work to discover what happened to cause the flight to plunge into the seas off Jakarta, minutes after takeoff.

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Eryn-Jean Norvill, the actress at the centre of the Geoffrey Rush defamation case, has told the court that she felt "belittled and shamed", but too scared to say anything. She starred with the Oscar-winning actor during a production of King Lear, and described in court on Tuesday how she felt trapped as she lay on stage while Rush allegedly slipped his hand under her shirt and traced along her lower back. The trial continues.

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Eryn-Jean Norvill arrives at court.

A former nurse in Germany has admitted to killing more than 100 patients between 2000 and 2005. Niels Högel has been accused of randomly selecting patients and injecting them with medication that led to heart failure, in order for him to resuscitate them. Högel is already serving a life sentence for six other crimes.

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Niels Högel, accused of multiple murders and dressed in a bulletproof vest, is led to the prisoner transporter by judicial officers. Photo: Getty.

A man and a woman have been killed and a third seriously injured in a domestic violence-related incident on either side of the Victoria-NSW border. The woman's death marks the 11th woman to have died violently in the past month, and the 58th woman this year.

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The World Health Organisation has verified that the contagious disease Rubella has been eliminated in Australia, which Health Minister Greg Hunt says sends a strong message that vaccines work. The viral infection, which carries symptoms of fever, rash and swollen lymph glands, can cause miscarriages, stillbirths, or life-long problems for unborn babies when contracted by a pregnant woman.

A teenager gets a vaccination. Photo: AAP.

Craig Challen, the retired veterinarian who was instrumental in the Thai cave rescue, has been named the West Australian nominee for Australian of the year. An experienced diver, Challen repeatedly risked his life to save the lives of the 12 members of Wild Boars players and their coach, alongside his dive partner, South Australian doctor Richard Harris.

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Boys Rescued From Thai Cave Welcomed By Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo has pipped Selena Gomez to become the most followed person on Instagram. The football superstar now has 144.5 million followers on the photo-sharing platform, edging past Gomez's 144.3 million.

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