'Battered Wife' Fish And Chip Shop Causes Controversy

A fish and chip shop in Far North Queensland is causing a furore over its name, which some say makes light of domestic violence.

The Battered Wife fish and chip shop in Wangan claims it was forced to close its doors on Tuesday night out of safety concerns for its staff.

The furore started after anti-domestic violence campaigner Rach Mac left the business a one-star review on Facebook.

Mac wrote that she was "floored" to see the Queensland shop's name, and encouraged her followers to leave similar reviews.

The Battered Wife fish and chip shop. Source: Facebook.

"Shameful owners naming this mediocre shop," she wrote.

However, the Battered Wife's owner refuted claims that she treated domestic violence as a joke.

Owner Caroline Kerr told ten daily she opened the fish and chip shop in mid last year, and although there was some opposition from one local person, she hadn’t experienced any further retaliation until Tuesday.

“It absolutely astounds me that the ones advocating against violence are the ones invoking negativity,” she said.

She said that she knew the name would be controversial, but that it was never about making light of domestic violence, but to be a talking point.

“I knew the consequences,” she said. “If the name of my shop invokes someone not to raise their hand, that’s a good thing.”

Signs around the shop read: “The Battered Wife Fish & Chips: The only battering anyone need know.”

Various signs around the fish and chip shop that read: 'The only battering anyone need know'. Photos: Supplied.

In a Facebook post, Kerr abhorred the idea that she was making light of domestic violence.

"Domestic violence is not a joke!! Not even close," she said.

"I didn't call it 'Domestic Violence'," she said in a separate post.

"I batter fish, I'm married to my business and I want to make a difference."

She was adamant that she would not consider changing the business name unless she changed the business away from fish and chips.

“Domestic violence is wrong,” she said. “I think it’s disgusting to call someone a battered wife. This is my way of making a difference.”

The issue of violence against women is particularly sensitive with almost a dozen women being killed in recent weeks.

The number of women killed so far in 2018 rose to 58 overnight, according to Destroy the Joint, with the death of an 82-year-old woman in northern Victoria.

This year has already seen five more women killed than the entirety of 2017.

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To speak to someone or access support in relation to domestic violence, call 1800 RESPECT on 1800 737 732.