The Most Topical Halloween Costume Of 2018 Was A Contaminated Strawberry

Halloween might not technically be for another few days, but Australians celebrated the annual dress-up spectacular at Saturday-night Halloween parties across the country.

And the most topical -- and frightening -- Halloween costume of them all? Needles in strawberries.

The strawberry tampering crisis dominated headlines for weeks, after a small but not insignificant number of people found sewing needles in their fruit.

"I wanted to do something topical so I was having a think about big news stories this year," Sydney woman Kathleen Shrimpton told ten daily.

"Then I remembered the needle in the fruit and thought it was perfect, as it's also horror-themed as well."

Kathleen Shrimpton attended a Sydney party on Saturday. Photo: Facebook.

She bought the strawberry costume, but made the needle herself out of cardboard -- and she wasn't the only one.

Sarah Bishop, part of comedy group Skitbox, also went as a needle in a strawberry to a Halloween party in Sydney, appearing to combine her costume with a friend.

And a couple in Australia took it one step further, combing a contaminated strawberry with a farmer costume.

"They were a great hit at last night's party!" user Thepinksheep22 posted on Reddit (ten daily has reached out to find out more).

This couple combined the strawberry costume with a farmer. Photo: Reddit.

The needle was made from Balsa wood picked up at Bunnings, the poster said.

"It's soft enough to carve out with a Stanley knife. Then we spray-painted it silver."

The costume might have been a hit, but the strawberry one in particular made it a bit hard to enjoy the party itself.

"Being a giant strawberry is kinda hard to drink/eat and sit down," said Thepinksheep22.

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There were several confirmed cases of sewing needles found in strawberries earlier this year, with the sabotaged fruit found in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia, prompting huge recalls of the affected brands.

The Queensland government offered a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of a culprit, with a similar reward offered by NSW Police.

No one has yet been charged over the sabotage, but one man in Adelaide has been charged over making a false report.

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